Surveys? 360 Feedbacks? NPS? We got you covered!

Feedback Taken is a one-stop solution for all your feedback/survey/NPS needs. Its simple and intuitive interface helps you or your team create surveys on the go, with literally no training!

Highly secure with guaranteed 99.9% uptime, cost effective, provides real-time management dashboarding, and seamlessly integrates with your company’s IT infrastructure.

Coupled with 24/7 customer support and extensive knowledge base, Feedback Taken can easily be adopted and enhance your team’s productivity.

An all-in-one Feedback & Survey solution, that you wished for!

  • 360 Degree Surveys

  • Customer Feedback

  • NPS

  • Online Survey

Appraise and enhance employee performance

Meant for internal surveys within an organization, used to take 360° degree feedback from a single employee to multiple employees. Add multiple users and your preferred questions to receive an all-round feedback including ratings and comments from the team(s).

  • 01

    Create and share customised employee surveys

  • 02

    Analyze patterns in employee behaviour

  • 03

    Appraise your employees based on performance

  • 04

    Use the feedback to enhance company culture

For Corporate Sector

Listen and learn what makes your team(s) feel valued and what steps can enhance their experience within the organization. Get a 360° insight into your organisation culture and employee performance.

For IT/ITes Sector

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, build a better team with 360-degree feedback from your employees. The solution is ideal for cross-functional teams.

For Education Sector

Share 360 feedback among students and employees in your university/college/schools. Integrate it with your existing student/teacher performance systems and get started instantaneously.

Never lose a customer again!

Your customers are your brand advocates. Customers are more vocal now than ever before about their likes and dislikes. Create short customer feedback surveys with 3 satisfaction scales and send them out in seconds. Use the real-time analysis from the surveys to understand customer behaviour.

  • 01

    Measure customer satisfaction levels

  • 02

    Get quick insights into customer’s thoughts

  • 03

    Use CSAT scores to dive deeper into customer issues

  • 04

    Introduce new support practices to improve CSAT scores

For SaaS Industry

Drive revenue, reduce churn rates and lower the costs of optimising/building new features of our product by gathering quick feedback from your customers. Use feedback to build a community that in turn will promote your products, reducing your marketing & sales efforts.

For Ecommerce/Retail

Use post purchase feedback to understand what your customers love or do not love. Use the insights you gather to your advantage to create product sales & enable User Generated Content(UGC) for your marketing campaigns.

For Corporate Sector

Build products/services your customers will love using. Take actions based on quick customer feedback surveys and use the scores to drive decisions which in turn drives your business excellence.

Showcase your brand NPS scores with pride!

Brand loyalty cannot be purchased, it has to be earned! Check how loyal your customers are toward your brand. Use our simple & easy to customise Net Promoter Score(NPS) template to send surveys within seconds.

  • 01

    Test the uniqueness of your product concepts

  • 02

    See how likely a customer would recommend your brand

  • 03

    Take data-driven decisions based on NPS ratings

  • 04

    Gauge the likelihood of gaining new & repeat business

For Training Industry

Post training feedback is a must in the training industry. It is also important to collect feedback within minutes after the sessions to quickly determine your trainee’s satisfaction rates. Sense customer satisfaction rates and take data-driven decisions to grow your business.

For Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry runs on reviews! Gain insights and take necessary actions based on how customers feel about your brand and the services offered. It’s simple, straightforward, and automated, making it extremely simple for your employees to learn & implement.

For Ecommerce/Retail

Make it easy for your customers to rate and review your products. Collect feedback and gain insights to better your products everyday. Feedback and reviews convert your customers into brand advocates and drive business growth.

A survey solution that you always wished for!

Feedback is the breakfast of champions! Creating a personalized survey based on your needs & ensuring you have all your questions answered, is the need of the hour. Our surveys give you the flexibility to create your own questionnaire using a mix of the features & functionalities.

  • 01

    Suitable for use across all industries

  • 02

    Improve brand loyalty with continuous feedback system

  • 03

    Maintain all your survey insights, right in one place

  • 04

    Enable feedback data sync with your CRM systems

For Event Management

Be it offline events, virtual events like webinars, training sessions, concerts or talk shows, take quick feedbacks from your attendees while the experience is still fresh in their minds. Select any template of your choice, add questions, and share the survey across within seconds.

For Education Industry

Share feedback forms with your students/employees to improve curriculum and employee performance. Get meaningful feedback from parents, teachers, and stakeholders to improve your educational institutions ratings.

For B2B Industry

84% of B2B businesses initiate the buying process with a referral. Gather feedback to take actions based on the data driven insights and build a network of customers/influencers who in turn increase your referrals, by serving them right, every time.

Why should you choose Feedback Taken?

Enhance team’s efficiency

Enable yourself and your team in creating feedback/surveys quickly and with ease.

Take actions, quicker than your competitors

Collect feedback within minutes and spend more time in solving the problems of your customers, making your product/business successful.

Access historical data to understand progress

Compare data across surveys/feedback, make necessary changes into your processes or products with insights that are meaningful to your business.

Affordable and cost efficient solution

With all the features and solutions, you will also need a tool that also doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Choose from our pocket friendly plans customized to your needs.


Wondering how it works?

Select your survey type

Choose your feedback/survey type from the list. Name it. Select start date and end date.

Select your audience

Choose from a range of options to either import your audience list from an offline file or add directly from your central database with our ready to use native integrations.

Build your survey/feedback

Choose from a range of existing templates or design a customised survey/feedback. Save it. Send it.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Free Plan 0 /mo

    Unlimited Users

  • Access to All Survey Types (Upto 10 Surveys)

  • Default Predefined Templates

  • Reports for each Survey

  • NPS Survey Dashboard

See all features
Professional 1499 /mo

    Unlimited Users

  • Access to All Survey Types (Unlimited Surveys)

  • Predefined and Customisable Templates

  • Reporting Access

  • Historical Data Access and Dashboards

  • Email Domain Whitelabeling

  • Simple logic Driven Questionnaire

See all features
Enterprise 3299 /mo Onwards

    Unlimited Users

  • Access to All Survey Types (Unlimited Surveys)

  • Predefined and Customisable Templates

  • Reporting Access

  • Historical Data Access and Dashboards

  • Custom Themes and Email Domain Whitelabeling

  • Custom Logic Driven Questionnaire

See all features

Product Pricing

Features Free Professional Enterprise
Survey Create Type
  • 360
  • Online Survey
  • Customer Survey
  • NPS
Yes(Upto 10 Surveys) Yes All services
Audience List Create
  • Individual
  • CSV
  • API (Hubspot,Mailchimp,Pardot or Custom APIs)
Audience Add (Individual + CSV) Add upto 25 audience/survey only
  • Individual
  • CSV
  • Mailchimp Intregation & Hubspot | Pardot | Marketo
All Services
Survey Predefined Question Template Only 1/Survey Type Only 3/Survey Type All Services
Choose Front-End Template Default Default All Services
Choose/Create Email Template Default Customizable All Services
Survey Report according survey Yes Yes All Services
360 degree survey dashboard
  • Survey Status
  • Survey winner
  • Survey Report counts
  • Activity Logs
  • User/Question Wise Report graph
  • Fills by date graph
  • User Wise Report table
Only #1 1,2,3,4 All Services
Survey detailed Report (Check Result) Only #1 1,2,3,4 All Services
User Wise report (Rating avg and total) Only #1 1,2,3,4 All Services
Ques wise report (User response and graph) Only #1 1,2,3,4 All Services
Survey Comparison Only #1 1,2,3,4 All Services
Customer Feedback survey dashboard
  • Overview (User Response and graph)
  • Analyse(Ques wise analysis and graph)
Only #1 All All Services
NPS survey dashboard
  • Report
  • Question wise analysis and graph
Only #1 All All Services
Online survey dashboard
  • Overview (User Response and graph)
  • Analyse(Ques wise analysis and graph)
Only #1 All All Services
Dashboard View
  • Survey List (last five survey)
  • Survey Status graph (last five survey)
  • Survey winner (last five 360 feedback survey)
  • Activity log
All All All Services
Add/Edit User (No. of Users) Read Only Mode Able to create 1 user only Unlimited ( upto 5 users) All Services
Create Email Template No Yes All Services
Edit Email Template Yes Yes All Services
General Setting Option
  • Change Logo
  • Change Favicon
  • Remove FT Footer
  • Change Email Signature
- - All Services
User Role & Permission - Yes All Services
Predefined Themes - Yes All Services
Custom Themes - - All Services
Email Domain Setting - Yes All Services
Share Survey on Social Media - Yes All Services
Export Reports (Excel & PDF) Yes Yes All Services
Single Sign On - - All Services
Skip logic - - All Services
Question logic - - All Services
SMS - Yes All Services
Notifications - Yes All Services

Word On The Street


You can create and launch your survey within a few minutes.
You can create a minimum of up to 10 feedback surveys using our plans.
There’s no cap on the questions you can add in the survey.
You can add descriptive questions, comments, rating and comment, multiple-choice questions single answer, multiple questions multiple answers, or Boolean questions while creating a survey using Feedback Taken.
Each survey will have a unique link. So, a user will be able to only answer and submit it when he/she is done with answering all the questions.
Yes, it is possible to send the feedback survey to a specific set of people/audience. You can either import CSV or enter the emails manually.
Currently, you can’t take a survey while you’re offline.
Yes, Feedback Taken does have reporting features. View the analytics instantly on a dashboard as soon as your audience completes the survey.


Yes, we can customise a plan exclusively for your brand or business. Just get in touch with us and we’ll share the details.
The surveys are customisable according to your industry-specific or company-specific requirements. For instance, you can select an email or layout template from our list and customise the same. You can also add custom questions and send the survey form.
You can create a survey for multiple audiences by adding audience details, adding questions and selecting the layout.
In the free plan, you can add an audience (individual + CSV) up to 25 audience/survey. In the premium plan, you can add an audience (individual+CSV) and there’s no limit for this. You can also opt for Mailchimp Integration and HubSpot/Pardot/Marketo integrations.


Yes, currently our basic plan is free for you to try, which will include all the features of the tool.
Please check this section to know details about our packages. We offer a basic, free plan and a Premium plan as of now.
No, as of now you can sign up and cancel your subscription whenever you want. There are no hidden fees.

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